Our team is made up of trainers with industry skills, experience and passion to share with you. Active Opportunities' team are focused on providing training that suits your individual needs, helping you to reach your full potential and achieve your training and career goals. Get to know more about our team, including their qualifications, experience and personal career journeys.

Amelia Gow is the driver behind our organisations incredible success, she is the leader of ‘can do’ and ‘go the extra mile’.  Amelia has an in-built ability and instinct to know how and when to support, listen, advise and importantly challenge our students.  She is absolutely resolute in her mission to ensure that each and every one of our students, get to a stable place in life through empowerment and employment.

Amelia started her career as a wayward teenager with many trials, tribulations, highs and lows and at the low point she decided to challenge her own life and embarked on an upwards climb.  Amelia started in hospitality, her natural ability to nurture and grow a great team, lead to leadership and management positions in varied industries and organisations.   

With 17 years of experience under her wing, she decided to harness her passion and dedicate her time to helping those in need; to gain the confidence, recognise their capabilities and take one step at a time to get to a stable place in life. 

People say Amelia is humble and plays down her contribution to the amazing achievements of Active Opportunities, but what she is more interested in, is not the 78 % of those that she helps to get to a stable place in life ……………it’s the concern for the 22 % that she didn’t help!

Her saying to every employer out there is ‘GIVE PEOPLE A GO ‘ every single one of us has a barrier, some are just more obvious than others….so always be KIND. 


Michael has grown up in the baking industry. Spending his childhood working in bakeries and his family’s business it has become his greatest passion. Michael opened and managed his own shop for 30 years. After retiring briefly, he decided to join Amelia to help launch the Queensland Active Opportunities Academy which has definitely been an adventure. Michael is passionate about passing on his knowledge of the baking industry and the skills which are disappearing. The sense of achievement when a student has reached a goal whether it is a barrier hurdled, a skill mastered or even just a big laugh, is what Michael cares about most.

“My favourite thing about the academy is the wins. No matter how big or small, helping and watching a student achieve something they thought they never would achieve”


Michael's number 1 tip for students:

“Take advantage of the situation you find yourself in. Get involved as much as you comfortably can and with assistance bring down those barriers which are in the way of improving their life”


“Attitude is everything” That’s Brett’s motto and one that certainly applies to him, because being part of the baking industry is his passion.

Brett has been in the baking industry for 23 years. After completing his apprenticeship, he opened his first Bakers Delight store at the age of 24. Brett went on to open another Bakers Delight then, after selling both stores he decided to join the team at Active Opportunities to pass on his industry knowledge to help others achieve what he has.

“I love watching each student grow and master their craft”

What is Brett’s favourite thing about the Active Opportunities Academy?

“Working with the students and showing them, they can do it when they put their minds to it”

Cheryl McMillan.jpg

“My name is Cheryl. I am writing my story to inspire others, to give them hope and the understanding that in life, we all, at time have to face difficulties.
I had worked in administration and call centre roles all my life. Due to some difficult times, I found myself unemployed and not able to find work. This caused me great anxiety, self-doubt and financial strain.
I was referred to The Opportunities Academy to work for the dole. I was
so anxious and nervous. The amazing staff welcomed me with open arms,
showing me kindness, understanding, no judgement. I knew at that very moment
I had found the special place I needed to be. The team’s support and genuine love
for people are truly inspirational, they gave me back my self-respect and turned
my life around.
I now work for Workplace Training Strategies (RTO ID: 21859) as a Recruitment &
Opportunities Creator. It has become my passion, knowing I am helping people, even in the smallest way, makes life amazing. I will be forever grateful to each and
every staff member who have all changed my life back to a very happy place.
Everyone is welcome at The Opportunities Academy.
Come and join this amazing program, it will change your life too.
Show up for us and we will show up for you. Take that step, believe in yourself, as we will always believe in you.
I look forward to sharing the journey with you.