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Tiarne's Story

"I enjoyed making friends and learning how to make all different types of pastries and sweet foods.


I enjoyed how helpful and respectful the trainers are to the students.  But before I joined the course I had no motivation to do anything.  I sat at home watching movies and TV shows, I was suicidal.  I was assaulted when I was six and then again when I was fifteen.  I was badly bullied.


Once I joined the course, I actually got into my first relationship, which really changed me.  I feel like this course has changed me for the better."


Aiden's Story

"I honestly didn’t know what to expect on my first day.  I met Michael, honestly I thought he was a scary  trainer, but he ended up being a nice bloke.


Tamara was there for me on the days I was upset and hurt, she made me feel better.  Then there is Cheryl, that always made me laugh pretty much every time I saw her. And there is Amelia, that built up my self belief .  And then there is Ella, who built up my confidence.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without everyone being on my side.


I have developed a lot through everything, as well as having some ups and downs throughout my time here and creating friendships that I never thought possible."



Deborah's Story

"Coming into this course I was struggling with my self confidence, having been out of the workforce for 3 years now. 


Since starting I developed skills, friendships and more confidence in new areas.


I believe I am work ready thanks to this course and know I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help and support of the Management and Trainers of the 6729 Bakery."

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Wayne's Story

"Before coming to The Opportunities Academy I was with my job agency for 12 months. I was unemployed for 4 years. I was on DSP since 2005. My job agency advised me to come and do a Certificate II in Food Processing.
It took me 12-13 weeks - I mainly came to the course to gain part time work.
I got along well with all the students. All the trainers were great and supportive. I needed a lot of assistance with spelling and that was provided. The administration staff were all willing to help out in the long run.
I am now employed part time at Addiction Cafe in Broadbeach.
I feel like the extra money will be great as I feel like if anything comes up out of the blue I will now be able to pay for it.
I won't get bored at the cafe. I want to thank everyone for being supportive."

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Joshua's Story

"My time at the 6729 Bakery was rather difficult to begin with due to my anxiety and depression. I came to the bakery in hope of a fresh start, prior I was a cleaner and a trolley collector for Coles but left there due to being bullied all the time. The bakery has opened up opportunities and I have learnt quite a few new skills and have met some of the most loveliest staff and peers. I felt I fitted in. I have spent 6 months completing my cert 2 in food processing and it has been enjoyable. Would gladly recommend the bakery to anyone in need of that help. I have now secured a job with Queensland Health with the support of the bakery It has given me some hope of a brighter future. Again, gladly recommend 6729 Bakery. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!"


Jack's Story

"The staff there are dedicated, devoted and really good at explaining when it comes to baking, OHS, food processing and everything that has to do with that.
Josh the Chef is a really good cook. Josh the baker knows everything to do with baking. Cathy is really good with baking cakes and icing them. Zack is really good helping you with the little things and making sure everything is running smoothly.
I had Michael on my first day and he showed me the ropes  on how to make sausage rolls - He's the man!
Amelia's story was a great way to hear how she made her empire and where she started and how she got through it all.

The 6729 Bakery staff are all friendly and kind"

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Joel's Story

"Before The Opportunities Academy, I was quiet and shy but I joined in easily in the bakery and have enjoyed the teamwork.
I have learnt some effective skills; how to keep the work area clean, to efficiently weigh and measure ingredients and how to be outgoing and enthusiastic.
I have learnt to cook sweet rolls, breads, pastries, muffins, cakes and cookies and decorating.

I have now attended my first interview and